Sustainable Advisory Services

Sustainable Advisory Services

Sustainable advisory services

We offer comprehensive advisory services and guidance on establishing sustainability strategies that can assist clients in reducing operational costs and maximizing competitive advantages. For example, we provide mitigation measures for addressing environmental and social impacts by establishing the ESG data inventory, setting reduction targets, and offering training to management and employees to enhance internal awareness and transparency.

ESG data management system and audit

ESG Data Management System and Audit

      • Set up the structure
      • Collect data
      • Integrate data
      • Analyze data
      • Generate report

ESG rating advisory

      •       Through provide support services to ESG ratings such as MSCI, S&P, CDP, and Hang Seng Corporate
        Sustainability Index, provide specialist expert advice and recommendations for investor-related insights

ESG (including climate-related) risks and opportunities

      • Identify the climate change-related risks
      • Analyze industry related transitional risks
      • Scenario Analysis (Physical and Transitional Risks)
      • Climate risk monitoring and response plan

Carbon neutrality

      • Set target
      • Plan Roadmap
      • Provide solutions to tackle climate change

Carbon trade

      • Identify the carbon asset value of a company’s potential voluntary carbon reduction projects
      • Investment, sale, purchase, and management of carbon assets; seeking the best price for carbon offsets for companies and projects


Low carbon projec


      • ·    Design the product
      • Market analysis and needs identification
      • ·    Investment strategies

Green finance advisory

      •        Establish a green finance management framework
      •        Project evaluation
      •        Green/sustainable loans sourcing


      •        On anti-corruption and climate change, etc.

ESG assurance

      • AA1000 independent assurance report

ESG due diligence services related to the company acquisitions

      • Conducting patent search
      • Drafting patent specification according to technical disclosure
      • Preparing and filing patent application with Patent Office worldwide
      • Prosecuting the patent application
      • Monitoring and reporting the status of the application

Patent Prosecution

      • Reviewing and analyzing the office action
      • Analyzing the patent application and the cited references to properly respond
      • Drafting an argument and preparing a response to the pending office action
      • Filing a request for reexamination in the case of application being rejected

Patent Portfolio Review and Management

      • Revising patent specification for filing oversea applications
      • Suggesting filing patent applications in necessary jurisdictions according to your business
      • Translating patent specification into other required languages
      • Filing PCT application for further filing oversea patent applications
      • Attending to payment of annuity
      • Restoring the lapsed patent within the specified time limit
      • Handling patent assignments, licensing and exploitation

Patent Invalidation

Analysing the patent claims and the reference documents to determine the possibility of invalidation

Advising on how to defend the request of invalidation

Preparing and filing request of invalidation with Patent Office

Attending to oral hearing

Handling patent administrative litigation

Patent Infringement and Enforcement

      • Analyzing the infringing product and patent document, and provide comments and suggestions
      • Collecting evidences to fulfil the burden of proof
      • Drafting and issuing cease and desist letter to the infringer
      • Filing petition with patent administrative department for settling dispute
      • Taking court action for claiming damages and related cost

        Design Service
      • Design searching
      • Consulting and advising on registered design applications
      • Preparing and prosecuting registered design applications
      • Providing opinion on design and copyright infringement
      • Advising on maintenance of registered design
      • Advising on registered design assignment, licensing and exploitation