Corporate Structure Rationalisation

Corporate Structure Rationalisation

Corporate Structure Rationalisation

Is your Corporation looking for ways to:

  • reduce administrative costs and other costs related to accounting, auditing, financial reporting, tax-filing and compliance?
  • eliminate operational redundancies?
  • reduce intercompany transactions?
  • improve tax efficiency?
  • improve statutory reporting and compliance?
  • tidy up balance sheet?
  • achieve solvency?
  • prepare for listing?

How can SWCS be of Assistance?

We can assist your Group in the implementation phase of a legal entity rationalization project, a capital reorganization project or a debt restructuring project. We support and work together with your tax, legal and other advisers throughout the planning and execution stage in accordance with your time and budgetary constraints.


  • Advising on the steps to implementing the proposal
  • Working with professionals of the relevant disciplines to provide technical guidance from accounting, taxation or legal perspectives as issues arise during the planning and pre-implementation stage
  • Drawing up an action plan in accordance with an agreed timetable if applicable
  • Preparing and arranging execution of relevant documents and taking all necessary and appropriate actions for effecting the proposal
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Specialties Consultancy


Assisting you to stay compliant through proper disclosure of relevant transactions