Trademark Services

Trademark Services


Trademark is a highly valuable asset to any businesses or corporations, which has the potential to worth millions of dollars. Registering your trademark is the first and foremost step of protecting such asset.

How can we assist?

At SWCS, with the objective of delivering customized solution to meet your requirements, our professional team can assist you with:



Providing one-stop trade mark registration services: 

  • Conduct search of your trademark application in Hong Kong
  • Advise on whether trademarks under application can be registered
  • Submit and follow up trademark applications to approval
  • Assist with the transfer and assignment of trademark rights or the acquisition of third party rights
  • Draft licenses and assignments and assist in negotiations with third parties


Review your existing trademark portfolio:

  • Review existing portfolio of trademarks inclusive of performing appropriate analysis and trademark valuation
  • Design and implement systems for the effective management of trademarks
  • Review competitors and market sector activities for the development of branding strategy
  • Advise and implement effective trademark protection strategies
  • Provide training programs to support enhanced or new measures and systems


Monitor your usage of trademark to avoid non-compliance:

  • Develop guidelines, procedures and system to monitor the appropriate usage of trademarks
  • Advise on issues such as potential infringement of the rights of third party trademarks
  • Implement trademark alert service of similar trademarks filed for registration by third parties
  • Object to the granting of registrations of third party trademark applications
  • File cancellation of registration upon expiry of the non-usage period

To provide a better concept, the below depicts the workflow of Hong Kong Trademark Application. Apart from Hong Kong, we are able to assist you with trademark related services around the globe.

Hong Kong Trademark Application Process


Deficiencies Checking

Search & Examination

Publication for opposition at the HKIP Journal (3 months)



Specialties Consultancy


Protect your invalulable innovations, creations and assets from infringements

Specialties Consultancy


Assisting you to stay compliant through proper disclosure of relevant transactions