Directors’ & Officers’ Training

Directors’ & Officers’ Training

Directors' & Officers' Training

Good corporate governance is crucial to the success of businesses. One way of achieving is to familiarize yourselves with trends of corporate governance related issues and getting updated of the latest changes through attending a selection of training courses. 

Why is training important?

  • Get up-to-date on the latest development of regulatory and rules
  • learning the market practices through case study examples
  • Attain diversified professional knowledge and skills
  • Further improve on the sustainable development on social aspect of ESG
  • Enhance the competitive capability and productivity for organizational development
  • Improve risk management policies and controls
  • Comply with Corporate Governance requirement
  • Provide continual development opportunities for staff to grow  

How SWCS's training can assist you?

  • Set training goals
  • Recommend training content and scope
  • Tailor-made training programme for company departments or management
  • Provide continuous professional development programme for designated group of staff and new staff
  • Provision of training materials
  • Certificate of attendance

Why choose SWCS's training services?

  • Training programmes designed by a team of experienced market practitioners
  • All trainers are qualified instructors, equipped with professional exposure
  • Flexible course delivery in terms of venue, schedule, teaching modes, remote training via conferencing facilities
  • Native Cantonese, Putonghua and English speakers