Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

Determining the extent of risk that corporates are willing to take is critical to business sustainability and the board has the overall responsibility to oversee effective implementation and monitoring of risk management and internal control systems. With extensive experience in advising the implementation of risk management and internal control systems, SWCS will provide you with a full range of consultancy services ranging from providing board advisory, conducting full review of internal control systems, performing system and control audit to drafting risk governance report.

Risk Management & Internal Control Advisory

  • Risk Identification, Assessment, Mitigation and Monitoring
  • Provide advice on risks, such as compliance and legal Risk, operation Risk, network and security Risk,financial Risk and strategic Risk
  • Review the effectiveness of Risk management and control system – Commenting and drafting policies and procedures for strengthening controls
  • Perform system and control audits

AML and KYC Advisory

  • Identify and assess money laundering threats
  • Advise on the implementation of control measures to mitigate money laundering threats
  • Assist in post implementation Monitoring and support

Anti-Trust Advisory

  • Identify stakeholders e.g. market participants, regulatory institutions, and Advise the board on anti-trust issues
  • Identify and assess anti-trust exposure and develop policy and procedures to mitigate related exposures
  • Conduct periodic Review of anti-trust measures
  • Develop and deliver anti-trust training program
  • Advise on strategies and actions to take when dealing with law enforcement agencies

Data Privacy

  • Analyse corporate data privacy policies and procedures
  • Develop and enhance data privacy strategy and governance
  • Review and manage third party data privacy risks and set up security protocols
  • Provide training and enhance staff awareness in data privacy and security

Risk Management Training

  • Customize and conduct training on risk management from Board to operational level
Risk Management


We act as your gatekeeper to mitigate risks of allegations caused by operational policy negligence