Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP")

Irrespective of blue-chip corporations or start-up companies, talented employees are essential to all organisations on their sustainable growth and development. What are the best ways to attract and retain the right talents? ESOP is definitely a better option, as it creates a win-win scenario for both employees and employers.

How we can assist

  • One-Stop ESOP Solution: customize a plan to suit your needs
  • Consultation Service: provide Pre-IPO or Post-IPO planning on various incentive plans, including Share Award Scheme, Restricted Share Unit Scheme and Share Option Scheme
  • Trustee Service: the establishment of ESOP Trust and provision of Trustee Service

Benefits of ESOP to your organization


  • Bring continuity in management
  • Boost productivity
  • Mobilize enthusiasm and potential of employees
  • Attract and retain management backbone and talents
  • Reward employees and build staff loyalty


  • Align with the organization’s financial success
  • Greater motivation
  • Improve employee’s engagement


  • Enjoy growth and profitability


Why SWCS ESOP service?

  • One-Stop service on ESOP customization
  • Resilient and open online platform for Listcos, Grantees, Brokers, Trustees and Share Registrars
  • Professional trust and ESOP team
  • Compliance professionals to assist in setting up the scheme
  • Customer service centre supported by a professional expert team in the process of vesting and exercising rights
Succession & Retention

Private Trust

Tailoring a trust structure to fit your wealth planning needs