Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

A sound corporate governance is vital for any successful business development.

Corporate Governance Advisory Services

  • Comply with the Code Provision and recommended best practice advice
  • Review and improve corporate governance reports
  • Action plan for corporate governance improvement

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Reporting and Consultancy

  • Assist in establishing ESG project group
  • Define the reporting boundary and scope and design the ESG-related data base template project task force
  • Draft the report and provide ESG report for approval by the board of directors of the listed company
  • Advise on the enhancement of corporate’s ESG practice and disclosure

Corporate Governance Strategy and Structure

  • Assist in the development of corporate governance strategies
  • Assist to establish a sound and effective corporate governance structure
  • Assist to evaluate Board performance and diversity

Directors’ and Officers’ Training

  • Provide training to directors, senior management and company secretaries on corporate secretarial practices, corporate governance, compliance, risk management, securities law, listing rules and other compliance and risk area issues
  • Assist in the professional development and evaluation of directors’ and officers’ knowledge and competancy

Corporate Succession Planning Advisory

  • Assist in making the development of effective succession planning
  • Offer assistance in the implementation of succession planning