ESG Retain Services

ESG Retain Services

ESG Retain Services

The ESG Reporting Guide requires issuers to disclose the issuer’s ESG governance, including the board’s oversight of ESG issues; its ESG management approach and strategy; and how the board reviews progress made against ESG-related goals and targets. We help issuers to improve their management system of ESG disclosure and integrate material ESG issues into the issuer’s corporate strategy and risk management processes by using our advantage service-corporate governance.

Establish an effective ESG governance structure and strategies

  • Set up and improve the ESG governance structure
  • Draw up terms of reference
  • Identify the corporate ESG risks and give solutions
  • Set up sustainability targets and follow up on the project


Report to the board

  • Identify material ESG issues
  • Assist the Sustainability Committee in developing ESG strategies, customized work plans (short, medium, and long term), and performance indicator systems.
  • Follow up on the work progress of the company’s ESG team
  • Summarize and report to the Board on current achievements and matters to be improved, and record and organize the Board’s views on the achievement of relevant goals
  • Assist the board of directors in setting performance targets (eg, carbon intensity targets, etc.) for the next 3 to 5 years and review the progress of the implementation of the targets



ESG report reviewing

  • Ensuring that the company complies with the Exchange’s ESG reporting standards
  • Provide advice for companies in achieving higher standards of the reporting, by making reference standards such as GRI or TCFD guidelines, SASB



ESG training

  • Capacity and awareness training on sustainability and ESG topics for the board of directors and management


ESG award application


Provide consultancy review and respond to AGM and EGM

ESG news updates

ESG report gap analysis with peer companies