SWCS officially renamed as “SWCS Corporate Services Group (Hong Kong) Limited”

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SWCS officially renamed as “SWCS Corporate Services Group (Hong Kong) Limited”

(May 17, 2018, Hong Kong) SWCS, the leading and forefront service provider in Hong Kong focusing on specialty corporate services for listed companies, is pleased to announce the Group has officially renamed as “SWCS Corporate Services Group (Hong Kong) Limited” (Referred to as “SWCS” or “Group”) and “方圓企業服務集團(香港)有限公司” in Chinese with effect from May 17, 2018. The rebranding of the Group has laid a significant foundation for the Group to further expanding the specialty corporate services for listed companies in China and Hong Kong and branding out to other specialty corporate services areas under its diversified business strategy.


The launch of stock connect mechanism between the capital markets in the mainland China and Hong Kong and the opening of Hong Kong Stock Exchange to dual-class shares and technology unicorn startup companies to come to listing, on the one hand have strengthened the cooperation between the capital markets in Hong Kong and the mainland China, and on the other hand prompted the adoption of more stringent requirements on corporate governance, risk management and compliance for listed companies. Under these market reforms, SWCS’s apropos rebranding unveils a new page in bringing clients to catch up with higher corporate governance standards commensurable with the rising bar amid exploring a wider and solid development future in the market with abundant opportunities.


Dr. Maurice Wai-fung Ngai, Chief Executive Officer said, ‘Through the name change, we aim to highlight the company’s “Fangyuan” (“In Chinese, Fang means square and Yuan means circle”) corporate culture. As the saying goes, ‘Act upon rules and judgement’ delineates the wisdom and righteousness of a good man. These are also the crucial elements that enable every success of a company and its sustainability.’


The new name contains a new brand identity. The renaming of SWCS is followed by the launch of a new logo and new brand identity designed by a well-known brand design consultant. The new company logo connotes the Group’s three major missions in the future development, both in the use of colors and patterns. First, SWCS, as one of the leading companies in Hong Kong to focus on providing specialty corporate services for listed companies, playing an important role in synchronizing the corporate governance and risk management of listed companies in Hong Kong and the mainland China; secondly, the Group will expand its businesses globally on the basis of its success in Hong Kong; thirdly, continuing to adhere to “value driven by people” approach and operate under ‘Fangyuan’ culture in providing top-notch services to listed companies on a global basis.


Fiona Wong, Assistant Business Development Manager of the Group, said, ‘SWCS, as one of the leading companies in Hong Kong to focus on providing specialty corporate services, has been committed in keeping up with regulatory requirements, serving our large-scale and high-quality corporate customers in the highest standard professionalism. Besides, in order to expand into the Chinese market, we expect the use of bright purple color to match the bright cobalt blue in our new logo can draw on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s service concept, that is linking China to the West and encircling the world, to actively promote the Group’s “Through-train” services.


Dr. Ngai, Chief Executive Officer, looked back, ‘SWCS has been established for nearly seven years since 2011 and has been supported by many long-term partners and customers. I am particularly grateful to the Chairman and my partner, Ms. Sylvia Siu-kuen Wong for her continuing contribution to the Group. At the beginning of the Group’s establishment, Ms. Wong made substantive investments, introduced her contacts and networks, and enabled a strategic leverage on the nation-wise network of a leading accounting firm in China and overseas that she has been working for. Nowadays, SWCS, as the leader in the industry with a broader cooperation network, is becoming an independent corporate service company. We will continue to uphold the Group’s professionalism and business philosophy, and can become a long-term partner of growing listed companies in the future.


The management of SWSC will adopt a horizontal organizational structure and an integrated management model within the Board and the management, in order to ensure swift responses and prompt actions from our professional teams and supporting departments under the ever-changing market environment. With a well-built governance structure and a sound risk management system, it can effectively monitor and assure of accountability to ensure the high quality of service.’


SWCS’s board of directors includes Ms. Sylvia Siu-kuen Wong, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Maurice Wai-fung Ngai, the Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Wang has a strong network of contacts and can promote new business concepts with keen market acumen. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ngai is an industry-recognized expert on finance and corporate governance. He has over 30 years of professional and extensive experience. Dr. Ngai is the past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, a finance expert consultant appointed by the Ministry of Finance and the former member of Working Group on the Professional Services of the then Economic Development Commission appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of the HKSAR. Dr. Ngai maintains close contact and good communication with the regulators in Hong Kong and the mainland of China. Both will make use of their own strengths and expertise to lead the team forward in the future.

The original press release is available in Chinese only.

Source:Sina finance , NT Daily