Organised by Shenzhen Value Online Information Technology Co. Ltd and supported by SWCS Corporate Services Group, Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited and Amber Hill Group, the Forum “Beacon Programme – Value Enhancement and Investor Relations Management of Listed Companies under the Registration-based System” was successfully held in Guilin, China on 24 June 2022.

The topic on “ESG Performance, Challenges and Opportunities of Hong Kong Listed Companies” has been shared by Mr. Roy Fan, the head of Sustainability & ESG Services of SWCS. He provided insights on the roadmap for the development of ESG report, the required ESG disclosures by listed issuers especially under the latest HKEX ESG amendments. At the same time, Mr. Fan also shared findings in regulatory and related aspects from the “ESG Research Paper”, which was published by SWCS ESG team. He also explored the potential risks and opportunities which climate change might bring to a company, giving some food for thought to corporate leaders to prepare and plan ahead.

In 2021, SWCS published an “ESG Reporting Handbook” which provides professional advice according to the latest amendment of HKEX ESG requirements, encouraging directors of listed companies to be involved in the formulating of necessary ESG mechanisms and policies, further enhancing their ESG values and positive social responsibility image via reaching various sustainable development goals, exploring verification on green finance and participating in ESG ratings.

SWCS Corporate Services Group is a leading professional corporate governance services provider, with ample of experience in compliance related matters. Apart from ESG reporting services, SWCS’ experienced ESG team, led by environmental and risk management experts, can also assist companies to set up respective ESG data management system and related audit matters. Additionally, the team is well-versed in ESG rating standards, and will be able to provide relevant advisory services, consultancy review and assist the company to respond to the rating agencies. In terms of green finance, SWCS can help with establishing a green bond framework, and provide support in monitoring and reporting on green bond projects; Moreover, the team is also capable in providing green building advisory, which includes assessment of green building design, monitoring and providing recommendations; and ESG due diligence services related to company acquisitions.

If you are interested to learn more about ESG and the ESG Research Paper, please feel free to call 852 3912 0800 or email, and our professional team will be of assistance.